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MenNewsDaily Column 10

Kent G. Bailey.  The Supreme Battle: The Cultural Capital of New York versus the United States of America.  MND, July 7, 2005.
     With the announced retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor the great battle for the soul of America is now on.  The major combatants are not simply titular liberals versus conservatives or useful idiots versus everyday Joes and Janes, but that between a small but intellectually brilliant and politically gifted cadre of diehard Marxist intellectuals and the predominantly Christian and European majority of the United States.  More simply, the combatants are the Neomarxists versus the West- that is, between the secular cultural capital of America- New York City - and its northern blue-state compatriots and satellite research colony, California, and the rest of traditional, church-going, God-fearing, and peace and privacy loving America.
     The Terri Schiavo case revealed that even when the Governor of Florida and the Congress of the United States sets itself against the powers of the New York Times, the New York centered news and entertainment media, and the Ivy League handmaidens of the Marxist left, defeat is all but assured.  When Congress is subjected to a humiliating public defeat in its attempts to protect a helpless woman from a brutal and heinous death at the hands of the medical establishment, it is clear that Washington, D. C. is not where the power lies in our increasingly secular, materialistic, hedonistic, narcissistic, and Madison Avenue driven society.  True power is in effecting desired outcomes, and nothing is better in having its way than the Mecca of popular culture, national and international secularism, Enlightenment ideology, and so-called progressivism- the Big Apple.  
     Prior to the successful Neomarxist revolution of the 1960s, Washington, D. C. was the undisputed seat of government, law, and politics.  And that is how the framers of the Constitution meant it to be.  How, then, did a miniscule number of radical progressives, christophobes, and blame-America-first malcontents shift the locus of power and influence from the nation's capitol to New York City and its nearby blue-state and Ivy League minions?
     In fact, the long-range Marxist program was brilliantly conceived, relentless and patient to a fault, and was so subtle and so deep that its human targets never even knew that their very minds and souls were on the line.  Cries that are children are going down the drain due to the cult of godless rock music went unheeded and even college professors, who should have known better, sat quietly or even applauded as a variety of addictive substances stole the sanity and souls of otherwise gentle and loving young people.  But all of this was part and parcel of the "progressive" revolution- speak of high-sounding notions of "freedom" and "self-expression" while addicting the young to rock music, drugs, impulsivity, narcissism, and peer group tribality and thereby separating them from their families, their traditions, and their God.  Attack the family and religion and in two generations the youth of the country will be yours...heart and soul.  Brilliant work indeed.
     Once the family and Christianity were thoroughly neutralized, the next step was to fill the law schools with as many smart children of the 60s as possible and begin the process of stacking the Supreme Court, the federal courts, and local courts with people of like mind.  Given that Marxist "progressivism" has never worked anywhere in the world and could not win an elected seat as assistant dogcatcher, then some sly end run approach was needed.  Aha!  The problem is solved!  Simply reify the Constitution and make it a kind of legal golden calf of Marxist secularism, and then proceed to supplant Christian MORALITY and its Ten Commandments with an endless and cryptic set of LEGALISMS where the courts and not the Bible or tradition define truth and the American way.  This substitution of the superego (moral consciousness) for unvarnished egoism (nothing is wrong unless so deemed by a court of law) has moved our entire culture several devastating regressive notches toward the id (our selfish animal nature) in a mere 40 years. 
     We are now poised for the great battle between the City State of New York and its academic, media, and blue-state minions versus the reeling masses of everyday Americans in the heartland who long for the pre-Woodstock days of marriage and family harmony, moral uprightness, godliness, disciplined and effective classrooms, and freedom- yes freedom- from the appalling dysphoria, the crime and social chaos, the impersonality, the moral confusion, and dysfunctionality that the large and "liberal" cities have forced on the rest of us.  It was not the president, not the Congress, and not any elected representatives who inflicted abortion on demand, the prospect of homosexual marriage, affirmative action, and, more recently, a broadened version of eminent domain, on the rest of us.  We can thank our very own ruling oligarchy for that- the Supreme Court.
    I suggest that the mighty powers of the cultural capital of the nation and world- New York City- when conjoined with a doting and compliant Supreme Court, has led to an almost total Marxification of the country.  I personally believe that the New York left won the cultural wars decades ago and I further believe that the everyday person now lives in a state of  "occupation" at the level of mind and soul.  This goes for so-called "conservatives" as well as everyone else.  It is really sad when you have lost a war you never knew you were in. 
     All of this will become clear, I believe, as the ruling left sees its legal control of the masses under grievous threat in the form of conservative nominees to the Supreme Court.  In the impending battle, the forces of the radical Left will be primarily funded through New York and its connections, many if not most of the most strident critics of Bush's nominees will be New Yorkers or New York connected, the New York Times will do its expected hatchet job, and the New York news and entertainment media will simply be beside itself.  Moreover, the current president of the City State, Hillary Clinton, will be forced to show her true radical colors as the battle unfolds.  
     Finally, as a mental exercise, factor out New York and its host of leftist connections, and it will be clear that the most conservative of Bush's nominees would simply breeze through the confirmation process.
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